Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We have opportunities available at the federal, state, and local level. As the 2024 election gets closer, we will offer even more ways for law students to support campaigns directly with GOTV and other mission-critical efforts. This will be possible locally through chapters at any law school in the country (and more on how to start a chapter at YOUR campus below).

LSDA is only as strong as its membership, so we’d love to work with you! First, make sure all
of your members are signed up for our LSDA newsletter. We blast out exciting opportunities to
get right to work with campaigns and voter protection efforts. You can also follow us on LinkedIn
and Instagram. Our Regional Directors can help you host events, like voter registration drives,
and potentially even partner with other schools in the area.

Reach out to the Organizing Director for your region! You can find this information on our “About Us” page. Regional Directors can work with you to identify any members of your school on our listserv. Regional Directors can also help you approach the process of formally starting a student organization at your school, including providing draft materials as needed (for example, some schools require student organizations to have a mission statement or group constitution).

Join our GroupMe, follow us on LinkedIn, and come to our in-person events! If you’d like to
be connected with other LSDA members either at your school or in your region, reach out to
your Regional Director to make that happen. You can find their contact information on our
“About Us” page.

We’d love your help! Ask your networks to support us at And if you’d be interested in hosting or attending a
grassroots fundraising event on their campus or in the city they’ll be in this summer, reach out to
us at

Start right here, by joining LSDA! We’re open to everyone, and especially those who are coming to this work for the first time. The legal profession can be very opaque, and part of LSDA’s mission is helping law students learn more about how they can support progressive politics as lawyers. We are building an intentional, inclusive, and mutually-supportive community of law students and connecting them with professional development opportunities, like guest speakers and leadership trainings, to learn more about the field.
Absolutely. Democracy is about more than just the presidential election. When we talk about ensuring the right to vote and the value of a progressive ballot, we mean all the way down: representation in the United States Congress and the statehouse, local school boards and county commissioners, mayoral elections, the municipal clerk — all of it! Even if you don’t see yourself doing democracy work after law school, there’s a place for you now, and it’s our hope you’ll learn some things you carry into your community, wherever that may be.

While LSDA is primarily geared at filling the gap between law students and campaigns in
need of legal assistance, our organization is open to anyone interested in this work, and we’d
love for you to get as many people involved in defending democracy as possible. Ask your
friends and classmates to fill out the LSDA Newsletter Sign-Up link. If they want to involved in
organizing their friends too, have them fill out the LSDA Member Involvement form, and we’ll be
in touch!

Law School Democrats of America was founded in the spring of 2023 to connect law students interested in getting involved in progressive politics and the campaigns and organizers who could use their help. An earlier, unaffiliated iteration of Law School Dems was founded in 2006 and also known as the National Democratic Law Students Council. However, the organization fell away over the years, with the last known convention taking place in 2011. Law School Democrats is an independent effort to rebuild that infrastructure for the 2020s and beyond.

Reach out to our board at and we’ll put you in touch with the right